“To see” artwork from the perspective of the body

“the shape of art…  the shape of you”     –  for your well-being –

Is a sensory journey  based on the observation of art in museums and art-spaces through body movement, permits us to discover our interior being, while offering a deeper and more personal comprehension of the art. To “see” art from the perspective of our body, gives us the opportunity to experience another dimension, where the mind is at the service of the body; where attention, intention, motion and breath integrate creating a harmony, which bridges our senses with the piece of art.

“The latest discoveries in neuroscience, (referring to an experiment by Francesco Luca Ticino) show that mentally retracing the path and movements of the artist’s creative phase-process, allows us to enter more intimately in the artwork, creating a greater and more intense appreciation. Experimentation through physical movement, inspired by the artwork, as well as observation allows us to enter it, bringing us a new emotional experience while providing us with a deeper and more intimate understanding. The dialogue generated by culture, beauty and our inner search through movement can enhance one’s visit to a museum or art-space, in favor of the development of us, individuals as well as of society. Such an experience, can contribute to the knowledge and furthering of our artistic heritage…bringing the participants a sense of belonging; contribution to artistic spaces where evolution advances with tradition.”