Cristina Guglielmino                                                                                                  



Her philosophy is the integration and changing the perspective.
She is always in search of new possibilities of movement cause she believes that the more you experiment different possibilities the more you can choose the best for yorself

She is a professional dancer graduated at the Centre international de Dance of Rossella Hightower in Cannes.
She is a certificate teacher of Pilates method at Polestar Pilates Italy internationally recognized.

Continuing Education

Workshops  with Alan Herdman 2nd generation pilates method teacher.
Functional anatomy and Biomechanical
Scoliosis and Pilates with Serafino Ambrosio
Pilates during Pregnancy
Creative Matwork and pilates props with Serafino Ambrosio
Cardiovascular disease and Pilates
Emotional Anatomy
Fascia and functional fitness CXT and Pilates
The hip and Pilates with Brent Anderson
Throat and neck:cervical disease and Pilates
Pain and chronic low back pain in the Polestar Pilates contex
Play, Pilates and performance in Pilates contex with Serafino Ambrosio
Fletcher Pilates:towel work barre work floorworl
Kathy Grant school with Blossom Crawford
The Fascia and myofascial techniques with Jim Barners and Cathy Alderson
Low back pain and Gray Technique Institute with Leslee Bender
Michael King technique
Basi Pilates Rael Isakovitz technique
Garuda technique with James D’Silva
Kamagon Pilates
Dispelling myths about the Core with Shally Power (PMA president)
Parkinson and Pilates with Valentin
Te Will Power Method with Stacey Lee Krauss
Franklin Method
The Fascia and the movement with James Earls (Anatomy Trains)
Body through Kinesiology with Madeline Black
Movement of breathing with Madeline Black
Centipede with Isabela Moody
Psoas and lumbar neutral zone with Alice Becker
The Fascia , Fascia manipulation with Antonio Stecco
TMJ (temporomandibularjoint) with Serafino Ambrosio
Pelvic floor with Brent anderson
Post surgery hip replacement with Brent Anderson
Post surgery spinal fusion with Brent Anderson
Parkinson and Pilates with Brent Anderson
Voice and Pilates with Alice Becker
Pilates for Golf Skiing Riding Tennis Fencing
Pilates for dancers
Pathokinesiology of the upper limbs  with Dr Brent Anderson
The power of the pelvis with Shary Berkowitz
Classic contemporary and creative Pilates with Troy McCarthy
Pain management and healing through the movement with Dr Eyal Lederman
How Fascia moves with Tom Myers
Body reading with Tom Myers
Myths and truths about the core with Shally Power(PMA President)
The willpower method with Stacey Lee Krauss
Bender Barre with Leslie Bender
Franklin method
Fascia  and movement with James Earls
Gyrokinesis with Juliu Horvath
Lower back and Fascia with  Eric Franklin
Shoulders and neck with Eric Franklin
Hit for ageless with Leslee Bender
Advanced Imagery for the knee with Eric Franklin
Better turning with David Zemach-Bersin Feldenkrais Method
Fascia with Julian Barker
Neurotraning with Stefano Nicci
Fascia and Pelvic floor with Tom meyers