A plunge into the deep unconscious where you can converse with water
you can move it and be moved until everything is upside down…
Fear turns into courage, the abyss becomes sky, and the limit becomes a possibility





The photography exhibition DIVE TO FLY originates from an intuition of Cristina Guglielmino, a versatile artist whose expressive hallmark is the contamination between arts and the change of perspective on the ordinary.
The integration of multiple processes and aesthetic levels is the common thread of her experimentation.

The body takes center stage, photographed in an underwater dance, placed in an inverted natural context, disorienting the gaze of the observer and opening up to a different perception of the primordial element of water.
The body signals the water, the water signals the body.

A plunge into the endless mystery of the sea becomes a real flight towards the discovery of new dimensions
… even of ourselves.
An invitation to remind ourselves that, just like water, each of us has the ability to transform and discover new worlds, while remaining true to our nature.

The water crossed by a dancing body thus becomes the means capable of transporting us to a magical dimension where thoughts fade and enchantment arrives, a place where everything seems possible.


Looking at these suspended and poetic images can naturally lead the observer to a dimension of meditative contemplation.

The fluidity of the underwater world, represented in the images, reminds us of the importance of integration and respect for diversity in all its forms. In a “liquid” world where fluid thinking, resilience, dynamism, and integration have become essential requirements for both individual and collective life. They are even more crucial in the need to find and heal that delicate relationship with an ecosystem that needs, now more than ever, our care.

All the photographs are taken by Gianni Ratto

DIVE TO FLY is realized with the support of “RBSGROUP Italia” and was hosted at their studio in Milan in June 2022.

Since September 2022, DIVE TO FLY has been an integral part of the decor in the new international studio of Berlin Packaging in Milan, designed by RBSGROUP Italia.

From May 31st to June 26th, 2024, DIVE TO FLY is on view at the Galata Museo del Mare in Genoa.