Dive to Fly: A Journey Through Water and yourself

From May 31st to June 26th, at the Galata – Museo del Mare in Genoa, RBSGROUP International Studio of Architecture and Cultural Project Daedalus invite you to visit the photographic exhibition “Dive to Fly“.

Experience the mesmerizing photo collection that invites you to see the world with new eyes, blending the fluidity of water with the freedom of flight.

Poetic Imagery

Explore the poetic and meditative images that transport you to a magical dimension.

Meditative Experience

Immerse yourself in a collection that encourages reflection and a deeper connection with nature.

The photographic exhibition DIVE TO FLY arises from an intuition of Cristina Guglielmino, a versatile artist whose expressive feature is the contamination between arts and the change of perspective on the ordinary.
The integration of multiple processes and aesthetic levels is the common thread of her experimentation. Dancer, actress, painter, performer, visual artist, Cristina Guglielmino, however, has in the masterful use of the body the chosen means to manifest her vision of things.

The photographs are taken by Gianni Ratto.

Dive to Fly Collection

A Poetic and Meditative Journey

In a reversal of coordinates between high and low, as suggested by the title Dive to Fly, it is an invitation to look at the world with fresh eyes, reminding us that just like water, each of us has the ability to transform and discover new worlds while remaining true to our essential nature.
The water crossed by a dancing body transports us to a magical dimension, where thoughts fade and enchantment arrives. Observing these suspended and poetic images naturally leads to a state of meditative contemplation. The fluidity of the underwater world depicted reminds us of the importance of integration and respect for diversity in all its forms.
In a world where fluidity of thought, resilience, dynamism, and integration are essential, it is crucial to find and heal our delicate relationship with the ecosystem that needs our care now more than ever. By immersing ourselves in water, we can experience how barriers and divisions dissolve in the element from which we are made and from which all life originates.

Dive to Fly Visuals

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Discover the Dive to Fly Collection

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking Dive to Fly photo collection at the Galata Museo del Mare in Genoa. Experience the magic of underwater photography and explore new perspectives. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to witness the beauty and fluidity of the underwater world.